1st Prize

The winner’s name will be engraved on a Tomorrow’s MBA plaque that will be prominently placed in Miller Hall, home to the Mason School of Business at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. In addition, the winner will be featured on the school’s website and in a news release.

The winner will also be invited to be a guest on Leadership & Business, the College’s weekly podcast that features interviews with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders from around the world. Thousands of people listen to the podcast each week on i-Tunes and through the Mason School website.

Winner will
be eternalized
Leadership & Business Podcast
2nd & 3rd Prize

Winners of second and third place will each receive a plaque engraved with their names. In addition, they will be featured on the school’s website and in various communication channels. Of course, we encourage each winner to include information about their prize on their CV to demonstrate their willingness to volunteer and engage in relevant projects that effect students and the MBA.