The College of William & Mary revolutionized teaching and learning in America when the school was founded in 1693. We are about to do it again. And, we invite you to join us.

The second oldest institution of higher learning in the country, William & Mary is known for being a college of firsts. We’re home to the first honor code. We’re the alma mater of the first president of the United States. The first Greek-letter society, Phi Beta Kappa, was founded here. America’s oldest college building is here. The list goes on.

For over 300 years, William & Mary has been out in front, generating ideas and new knowledge while educating people who, quite literally, change the world. Our graduates, from U.S. presidents to CEOs aren’t just successful. They are significant.

William & Mary’s business school, the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, invites you to be a part of this exciting online community that will revolutionize the Master’s in Business Administration by creating Tomorrow’s MBA.

The Tomorrow's MBA Contest

The Mason School of Business aspires to create a new learning experience for students, professionals, professors and the business world. The aim of the contest is to gather people together to create a new, differentiated, relevant MBA program — Tomorrow’s MBA. We will examine and discuss Tomorrow’s MBA in terms of Courses, Focus & Skills; Formats; Scholarships & Financing; Lifelong Learning & Community; and Marketing & Branding.

Our goal is to accomplish this with a co-working community of professionals, executives, students, leaders, engineers, economists, human resources professionals, marketers, sales professionals, employers, educators, developers, innovators – in short, users and those who will benefit from a new, relevant MBA of Tomorrow. Those who share the best ideas, as determined by a panel of jurors, will be recognized publicly by the Mason School and William & Mary.

The following guiding questions sum up the foucs of the Tomorrow's MBA Contest
  • What skills are lacking in your work environment today? What skill set and abilities could help you, your colleagues, new hires, and your organization be better and more competitive? What skills and knowledge do you think new MBA graduates should possess?
  • What was missing in your education in terms of curricular and extra curricular activities that you now realize should have been included?
  • How would you create a sustainable, relevant, high quality MBA?
  • Which courses, areas of focus and skills are relevant to ensure a high quality MBA program?
  • What new teaching formats (online, offline, blended etc.) should be considered when designing Tomorrow’s MBA?
  • How can scholarships and financing be approached differently and more effectively moving forward?
  • What innovative strategies could be adopted to establish a strong community and a lifelong relationship between the Mason School of Business and the graduates of its MBA program?
  • What are the most effective ways, in terms of marketing and branding, to reach prospective students and attract them to Tomorrow’s MBA at the Mason School?

We strongly encourage you to engage in productive discussions within the community. Challenge and build upon the ideas of your co-innovators on a regular basis as we work to build the best, most relevant MBA program ever created.

What can you create here?

You, and all participants in the Tomorrow's MBA Contest, are invited to contribute your ideas and concepts on the website as often as you wish or you can upload them as well.

To organize the contest, we have five categories. You are invited to share your comments in a specific category, in more than one, or across all five. They include:

  • Courses, Focus & Skills
    Includes all aspects pertaining to the content in Tomorrow’s MBA program or the skills that should be taught and learned in the new Mason School MBA program. Relevant content. This could include class offerings, focus or “majors,” experiential learning opportunities, partnerships, etc. What should be taught moving forward and what should, no longer, be taught?
  • Formats
    Includes all topics that deal with the fundamental structure of Tomorrow's MBA program. For example, online, offline or blended model; inclusion of MOOCs or technologies which could be utilized; the academic calendar — semesters, blocks, two-year, one-year, a hybrid, or something new; pre-program study; pre-requisites; credits, etc. What should Tomorrow’s MBA look like from a format standpoint?
  • Scholarships & Financing
    This includes ideas connected to the steps before students enroll in Tomorrow’s MBA program. For example, new approaches to scholarships; rethinking ways for students and others to finance the program; cost of the program; keeping costs down; re-examining the ways scholarships are awarded; new and unique ways to raise scholarship funds; etc.
  • Lifelong Learning & Community
    Ideas and innovations that lead to a strong lifelong relationship between each student/graduate and Tomorrow’s MBA/the Mason School/William & Mary.
  • Marketing & Branding
    This category includes thoughts, ideas, and innovations pertaining the most effective ways to promote Tomorrow’s MBA to prospective students, employers, media and other important audiences. Discussion will include to whom we should communicate and how.

Each participant in the contest has the unique opportunity to shape Tomorrow’s MBA and the future of business education.

Why should I enter my ideas and concepts in the contest?

You will be a part of a co-creating community of engaging, motivated, educated people, who will have great influence on Tomorrow’s MBA at the Mason School. What takes place here will be seen by other top business schools and universities which has the potential to lead to positive changes in the national and global MBA worlds. You will be a part of a unique online community whose ideas will positively affect people for years to come. You will be a part of something truly significant.

Our team of jurors will choose the winner of Tomorrow’s MBA contest based on the best idea(s) submitted online. The overall winner will be recognized with a plaque that will be prominently and permanently displayed in Miller Hall, home of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary. In addition, the winner and runners-up will be featured on the Mason School and William & Mary websites, in news releases and outreach communication, and in other school channels.

Share your ideas, thoughts, questions and concepts and engage in the online dialogue to help build an interesting, exciting and relevant MBA for tomorrow – Tomorrow's MBA. Be part of creating the future and join the contest now!